Valdecañas Lake

VALDECAÑAS LAKE Valdecañas lake is a fantastic place for predator fishing with 7300 Ha and 1446 Hm3 of capacity.  Also you can visit Roman ruins or enjoy with its fauna and nature. 1 2 3 1 Dam 2 Bridge 3 Valdecañas Island FISH SPECIES In this reservoir can be captured multiple types of predator fish. The area also has an […]

Alcántara Lake

ALCÁNTARA LAKE Alcántara lake is one of the biggest lakes in Europe. It has a total capacity of 3162 hm³ and covers 10400 ha. It has become one of the favorite destinations in Extremadura for Catfish and Zander fishing. 1 2 3 4 1 Dam 2 River Alagón 3 Tajo River 4 Almonte river FISH SPECIES In this lake you can […]

Zújar Lake

ZÚJAR LAKE Zújar lake is the smallest guadiana’s lakes with an area of 1449 Ha and capacity of 309 Hm3 with great water quality. 1 2 1 Dam 2 The Zújar’s Island FISH SPECIES This reservoir is recommended for fly fishing enthusiasts because there are submerged eucalyptus forests ideal for fishing predators. It stands out from the rest for […]